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Our commitment

HSI is committed to serving our healthcare and health education customers with high-quality headwalls, booms, cord reels, accessories, and complementary equipment. We have cultivated a collaborative workflow, getting customer input at every step of the design, manufacturing, and installation process. We are dedicated to sustainability and certified as a California Green Business. We believe in protecting the environment, patients, caregivers, and our children by building the most environmentally friendly products possible. Workforce diversity is equally important to us. HSI’s team is made up of people from myriad ethnic, faith, and racial groups.

Our past fuels our future

HSI’s success is rooted in our 170 years of manufacturing expertise and experience. Decades of growth and longstanding commitment to customers enable us to adapt to the changing demands of the healthcare industry and deliver cutting-edge products that serve today’s needs.

HSI president Becca Miller Teutle, who joined the team in 1999, is a mechanical engineer whose sales, marketing and business development expertise has been paramount to company growth and sustainability. Her grandparents, Robert and Pauline Miller, founded Hospital Systems, Inc. in 1970. Her father, former General Manager David Miller, and her mother, former HSI President Jennifer Miller, brought business and organization skills to the company, starting in 1972. Today, our team is made up of longstanding leaders, including HSI’s Vice President of Production, who has been with the company since 1981, our Chief Engineer, since 2004, and Vice President of Operations, since 2007.

With experience comes a broad range of skills and expertise that support projects of every size and scope.

The company’s long history supports its capacity, mastery, and continued growth.

Building products to order; building relationships to last

Listening to, designing for, working with, and manufacturing to meet our customers’ needs is in our DNA. Our commitment to customer-centered product design and development has been ingrained in the company since 1849, when Lewis Miller started making equipment for farmers in Denver, CO.

Established as a headwall manufacturing company in 1970 in Oakland, CA, we relocated to Pittsburg, CA in 2001 to accommodate our growing footprint in the industry.

HSI continues evolving to service the ever-changing needs and requirements of today’s healthcare professionals worldwide, expanding its product range, and integrating the newest technologies without compromising our commitment to sustainability.

HSI engages directly with each of our customers, whether they’re new or have enjoyed decades of partnership with us. Client input, interaction and involvement are foundational to where we have been and where we are going.

11 years after Hospital Systems  was formed by Robert and Pauline Miller, our founders attended an international conference in Japan. They were joined by local colleagues and acquaintances from other firms, including Herman Miller. HSI has continued to serve clients all over the world and has maintained these relationships for decades.
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We have always believed in providing personal attention and service to our customers and HSI’s network of local representatives has helped us form relationships with our clients and ensure that they are getting the best care possible. Here, General Manager Emeritus David Miller presents at a national meeting of our representatives—an annual meeting that continues to this day.
At HSI, we are always pioneering new capital equipment and improving what we have already made. Pictured is an early model of the Proxima Patient Care Column, state of the art then and constantly improved to remain on the cutting edge to this day.
We take pride in our manufacturing. Our centralized production process allows us to cut down on carbon emissions while ensuring every product is made with superior attention to detail and always built to our customer’s order.
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Hospital Systems is always engineering new products and exploring the potential of how we can best deliver services to patients. The Mobirail was one such innovation that delivered services from above with movable work surfaces, accessories, and device mounting to provide flexibility to caregivers. Our advanced Constellation of Medical Booms shares several advantages with the Mobirail.
The Axiom Patient Care Headwall has been a staple of HSI’s offerings for over two decades as a flexible, effective, and cost efficient system. While we continue to improve the Axiom, and all of our products, the versatility and sheer effectiveness of the Axiom has kept it recognizable, even as we develop new models such as this Flush Axiom.
Our incredible production team ensures that every product is made with care and meets our high standards of quality and consistency. Each product is assembled to spec and individually goes through our stringent quality assurance process. This efficient and scrupulous process lets us stand by our products with industry-leading multiyear warranties.
At HSI, we don’t believe in resting on our laurels. We never stop looking for ways to make our products more effective, more elegant, and better in every way. With beautiful and durable wood laminates and elegant beveled edges, this Flush Axiom is one step in the evolution of our headwall designs.
HSI is all about problem solving. With window spanning capabilities, our Infinity Horizontal Headwall allows healthcare facilities to make the most of their space to accommodate more patients while keeping them more comfortable with natural light and pleasant views. Improving efficiency while cultivating a positive healing environment is what we do.
We’re always growing and finding new ways to help our customers heal their patients. In 2023, HSI launched a Constellation of Medical Booms, versatile enough to meet the needs of any facility or area of care. With unparalleled customization, innovative features, construction that emphasizes safety and hygiene, and multiyear warranties, HSI’s Medical Booms can support any ICU, OR, Patient Room, or educational institution.
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For us, it’s personal

Our team brings personality and energy to each customer and vendor interaction and forges long-term relationships. Every project starts with a handshake and isn’t complete until our customers say it is. Get to know a few of our team members, below.

Proud Partners

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What did they say ...?

“HSI came into our project at a critical moment and brought our vision for the project to reality. It was a joy to work with the HSI team and we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.”
— Karen Costello, Senior Principal, Real Estate and Facilities, Hoag Hospital
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