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Introducing HSI Spark!

Introducing HSI Spark!

HSI is proud to announce Spark!


HSI Spark! is a powerful new tool to spark your imagination and your next project. With Spark! you can design the headwall that you need; you will have full creative control to create an Axiom, Infinity, Array, or Compass headwall on your own time, terms, and in your own space.

HSI isn’t stopping there, however, because while you design visually,  Spark! is generating a CAD drawing and price file of your headwall on the back end. Once that drawing is checked by HSI’s experts, it will be available for you to use.  This drawing  can bean accurate basis of design that presents exactly what you want for your project—and can streamline the ordering process.  When you are ready for budgetary pricing, we are ready for you.  Your own portal can hold all your projects and all your designs.  HSI is proudly creating tools to help the people who help people.


Beta testing will begin in April, 2024 and available on HSIheadwalls.com not long after.