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Welcome to Spark!

Welcome to Spark!

The newest tool from HSI to help the people who help people.


With Spark! you can spark your inspiration and bring the headwall of your dreams into your facility. Using Spark! means you won’t have to compromise between convenience and capacity. Build the headwall you want, easily set its shape and size, and drag and drop services precisely where you want them.


Spark! is a powerful tool allowing you to design a head wall in a user-friendly and simple interface, without needing complicated software, and it’s entirely free to use. With the ability to edit your headwall designs, you can freely revise when you receive team member feedback without going back to square one. Once you’re happy with your design, whether it’s your first pass or the tenth edit, you can request pricing and/or a CAD drawing. Spark! can provide CAD drawings that are perfect for a basis of design, elevations, or dropping in your construction documents; saving you time and money versus manually creating CAD designs, while ensuring you can rely on its accuracy.

We'll also be constantly improving and updating Spark! with new features and products. Check back often to see what's new and just reach out to us if you have suggestions for new features.


We hope you’ll leverage Spark! to unleash your creativity, save time and money, and enable the inclusion of the build to order headwalls that will best support your facility in your next renovation or construction project.


Keep reading for a quick overview of how to use Spark! for your next project.


·        First, head to www.hsiheadwalls.com/spark and create an account or login. Accurate contact information is important so that we can reach you with pricing and CAD drawings when you request them. Rest assured that your information will not be used for any other purpose.

·        Once you’ve entered your dashboard, you can click Create New Design to get started. After you save your first design, you can find it on your dashboard, and you can return there by clicking the icon with your profile in the upper right corner.

·        Select the headwall style you’re looking for. The headwall styles available at launch are the panelized Array SSH, the Herman Miller Compass system, the vertical Axiom, and the horizontal Infinity. Once you’ve decided, click continue to set the parameters for your headwall.

·        On the next screen, you’ll be able to select your headwall’s dimensions, note the ceiling height, and activate or deactivate features unique to each headwall, such as ceiling chase tiles and vertical service chases. You can also choose a color or wood grain for your design. While these are for reference only, you can note your preferred finish in the text box to ensure the accuracy of your quote. You can go back and change these dimensions at any time.

·        On the next page, you can look through a list of common services and drag and drop them on to your headwall. Green highlights indicate spaces that are open for services placement while red highlights indicate spaces that cannot have a service placed there. If there is a specific brand or model you want for your service, use the specification button to select or input the details. You can move, add, or delete services at any time, even after proceeding to the next page.

·        Next, you can review the summary of your headwall and its services. If you are ready to save it, add a name, leave any comments for additional information you want to provide or other services or accessories that are not yet available on Spark!. If you’re ready to finalize your design, you can request a CAD drawing and or quote here. Then, save your design and you’ll be brought back to your dashboard.

·        From your dashboard, you can click on a previous design to download a PNG image of the design or delete it if you no longer need it. You can also use the edit button to revise your design; if you want to change something or have just changed your mind about requesting a quote or drawing. Change the name before saving again to save as a copy and keep both versions on your dashboard!

·        You can also create your next design—there’s no limit to how many you can create.


For more assistance with Spark! please reach out to your local HSI representative or our regional directors. Find your local rep at www.hsiheadwalls.com/contact.

Jim Goddette, Regional Director, East



Bob LeFevre, Regional Director, West & International